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Consistent with United Therapeutics’ (UT) commitment to maintaining a work environment where all Unitherians feel respected and valued, the RML Black Affinity Group’s mission and goals involve serving that commitment to create an inclusive culture for black Unitherians which values their contributions and provides equal opportunity for professional development and career advancement.

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Our Mission

The Mission of RML Black Affinity Group is to be a strategic partner with United Therapeutics to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion through outreach and continual learning.


The RML Black Affinity Group will advance the understanding and inclusion of employees with common background, interests, and/or goals. The vision, mission, goals, policies, and activities of the RML Black Affinity Group are fully aligned with those of United Therapeutics.

The RML Black Affinity Group will be a valuable mechanism to:

(1) build targeted approaches for the recruitment, retention and empowerment of Black employees at UT

(2) connect members with mentors and provide career/personal development workshops


(3) provide management with access to innovative concepts and unique solutions to challenges faced in the workplace.

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